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Honda CM 400 T brat bobber

by Ondřej Reich • Czech Republic

Honda CM 400 brat bobber

Ondřej doesn't speak english, but he know very good the #bratstyle philosophy, he has shown it building this bobber based on a Honda CM 400 T, a little-known model with a frame that doesn't not drive you crazy, but after being so customized, would you not want to get a ride?!

Honda CM 400 brat bobber

Ondřej observed for long time bobbers and café racers, admiring people in possession of knowledge to build them. Day after day he discovered all styles and ended up loving what would become his favorite: #bratstyle!
With great courage and little experience he has decided to realize his brat bobber from a 1982 CM 400 T, after having had the feeling, experienced by many bikers, that this would be the bike for him. "And now just a few tweaks." Sure...

Honda CM 400 T brat bobber

Bratstyle seat

With the help of his brother, Ondřej disassembled the rear and he understood that he had to change the frame under the seat. At the end of this part of the work the euphoria was soon turned off by one hurdle, no small feat for a beginner: the electrical system, which required an endless amount of hours, and it led to the discovery of mysterious threads that did not end anywhere... Then better to ask the help of a friend electrician to unravel the tangle. Then the cables were carefully hidden under the fuel tank and seat, custom built in #bratstyle, flat and long, but in a particular form, which greatly influences the appearance of the bike.

Honda CM 400 fender

Brat bobber honda cone sports filters

The engine covers were affected by 30 years of dirt, after two weekends of smoothing needed the help of another friend, this time blacksmith. Having a blacksmith among friends is always convenient! The specialist of metal contributed to the customization of the welding of the braces and the basis on which he placed the battery, under the seat, flanked by the ignition switch, moved sideways.
It only remained to give a good painting of glossy black to the chassis and of matte black to the engine, result: like new! Same treatment for wheels and exhaust, joined to the pipes covered in bandages.

Brat bobber honda basic instrumentation

Pipes covered in bandages

Low and wide handlebars for easy maneuverability, accompanied by small café racer mirrors attached to the knobs, and basic instrumentation.
As the front fender was reused the original, once shortened; instead of no protection on the rear, the task to block splashing water is given only by the plate, better than nothing!
Other changes saw the replacement of the airbox with the cone sports filters, the headlight was replaced with a matt black one, small in size, bullet turn lights and a small rear light peeping out of the saddle.

Honda CM400 brat bobber

Bobber handlebars

Finally the time has come to give a touch of color, painting the tank and front fender with a brown pearl, vintage tone, as the little Honda logo positioned on the sides of the tank.
It has been necessary in the fall, winter and spring to build this Honda CM 400 T bobber, but all the efforts and the cold suffered by Ondřej, , have earned great satisfaction!


Brat experience

Brat experience

Bratstyle seat base

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