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Honda CB750 brat style

by Sven Schmidt • Halle/Saale • Germany

honda CB750 brat style

The Honda CB 750 is one of the most sought bases from customizers, whether they are professionals or private, like Sven, who realized this very successful brat style motorcycle.
A streamlined brat Honda with sports lines, characterized by a lightweight design that highlights the muscles of the 4-cylinder engine.

Honda CB 750 brat style style

In the initial stage, the CB 750 had traveled just 34.000 km, so it was only necessary to overhaul the clutch basket. Following the changes the bike has open filters and increased jets, that have requested the carburetor adjustment, now in any way you open, the Honda engine drives like in a dream!

invisible light unit honda CB750

brown stitched diamond pattern leather seat  honda CB 750

Sven has devoted himself entirely to the work of the back frame, where it is integrated into the light unit, virtually invisible! Also the headlight is minimal, it peeps between the forks.
However it maintained the required space for the passenger, who can sit on the beautiful seat, clad with brown stitched diamond pattern leather, comfortable enough for two. The base was handmade by Sven using GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic).
The entire electrical system is revised, with an ignition switch placed under the seat, where are soberly housed the cables and the lithium battery; a job that required a lot of effort.

sporty two-tone tank honda CB

Firestone Champion Deluxe tires honda CB 750

To make the CB 750 brat style even more streamlined and sexy, shorter dampers and shortened forks were installed, as a megaton exhaust four in one. But the item that more than any other determines the beauty of this CB 750 is the sporty two-tone tank, where the wings of Honda logo shine, perfectly in harmony with its curves.

written on tires honda CB

We conclude by mentioning the always cool Firestone Champion Deluxe tires, worn by the gold colored alloy wheels, customized by a writing that certainly does not go unnoticed...

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Honda CB 750 brat style

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